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HKU FinTech Day 2021

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Skillsets & Mindsets

Accelerating RegTech Adoption in Hong Kong and Beyond

Panel discussion chaired by Brian Tang with Chye Kit Chionh, Irene Lee, Philip Kam, and James O"Callaghan

2 Nov, 2021 | 6:00 - 7:00 pm HKT |  HKU FinTech Day 2021


HKU FinTech Day 2021 Series | Day 2 - Ep.7 RegTech Talent DevelopmentJames O'Callaghan, Partner, KPMG Advisory (Hong Kong) Limited and Consultant of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) on RegTech talent development in Hong Kong, presents findings from HKMA's government report to review the regulatory technology and regulatory practises in Hong Kong. The development for a talent pool in RegTech adoption is also presented in this presentation.

REFERENCE:.Regtech Skills Framework Report - Speaker Pack

Ep 7 Regtech Talent DevelopmentJames O'Callaghan
00:00 / 09:33

HKU FinTech Day 2021 Series | Day 2 - Ep.8 Future Banking Bridging Programme 2021.  Developing an Enhanced Competency Framework (ECF) programme for training and accreditation for the FinTech/RegTech sector in Hong Kong is presented by Philip Kam, General Manager of the Hong Kong Institute of Bankers.


FURTHER READING:  .HKIB Future Programmes (PDF)

Ep 8 Future Banking Bridging ProgrammePhilip Kam
00:00 / 07:43

HKU FinTech Day 2021 Series | Day 2 - Ep.9 Transformation in BankingIrene Lee, RegTech Lead at UBS, shares her thoughts on skillsets and training for regulatory initiatives in which banking and investment companies need to adjust towards in response to the overall transformation of tech services.

Ep.9 Transformation in BankingIrene Lee
00:00 / 02:54

HKU FinTech Day 2021 Series | Day 2 - Ep.10 Regulatory Skillsets in Today's MarketJames O'Callaghan discusses the market demand for regulatory skillsets, especially from risk and compliance sector, to work hand-in-hand with technologists towards the impact for environment control, such as cybersecurity capabilities.

Ep.10 Regulatory Skillsets in Today's MarketJames O'Callaghan
00:00 / 02:38

HKU FinTech Day 2021 Series | Day 2 - Ep.11 Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC)Irene Lee explains Hong Kong banks' angle on CBDC and, when CBDC arrives - how will banks be involved on CBDC's impact to the city? You will also hear Brian Tang moderating.

Ep.11 Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC)Irene Lee and Brian Tang
00:00 / 06:28

HKU FinTech Day 2021 Series | Day 2 - Ep.12 Making the Job Better Using RegTechChye Kit Chionh, Co-founder of Cynopsis Solutions and RegTech Subcommittee Chair at Singapore FinTech Association, comments about people putting technology ahead of the problem and emphasises that Regtech solutions is multidisciplinary and it's there to solve existing problems. Panel chair Brian Tang, Executive Director of LITE Lab at The University of Hong Kong, rejoins by outlining LITE Lab's project-based approach, training its students to understand and talk tech.

Ep.12 Making the Job Better Using RegTechChye Kit Chionh and Brian Tang
00:00 / 08:09

HKU FinTech Day 2021 Series | Day 2 - Ep.13 Internal/External Engagement. Irene Lee and Philip Kam discuss ideas such as training for members and external partners in academic/finance is able to nurture talent and provide resources missing in today's market.

Ep.13 Internal-External EngagementIrene Lee and Philip Kam
00:00 / 02:39

HKU FinTech Day 2021 Series | Day 2 - Ep.14 Singapore Experience on RegTech Adoption. Chye Kit Chionh explains how Singapore is promoting the need to train talents within the government, including grants for course fees relating to RegTech adoption and solution.

Ep.14 Singapore Experience on RegTech AdoptionChye Kit Chionh
00:00 / 01:57

HKU FinTech Day 2021 Series | Day 2 - Ep.15 RegTech Adoption Q&A + Closing Remarks. Panelists answer questions including information on HKIB's course, Future Banking Bridging Programme 2021, and provide closing remarks for regtech's to provide the right mindsets and skillsets for future talents.

Ep.15 RegTech Adoption Q & A and Closing RemarksBrian Tang, Chye Kit Chionh, Irene Lee, Philip Kam and James O'Callaghan
00:00 / 09:16

Supporting organisations, programme and platform

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Participating organisations

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Brian Tang (Panel Chair)

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Brian W Tang is executive director of LITE Lab@HKU, University of Hong Kong’s new interdisciplinary and experiential programme to foster law, innovation, technology and entrepreneurship (LITE) led by the Faculty of Law in conjunction with the Department of Computer Science.


Brian is also a board member of the Fintech Association of Hong Kong, co-founded the APAC Regtech Network, and sits on IEEE’s Global Initiative on Ethics on Autonomous and Intelligent System’s Policy Committee, the HKU Fintech Index Advisory Board and the Asia-Pacific Legal Innovation and Technology Association (ALITA)’s Steering Committee

You can catch Brian live at the FinTech Week event on Nov 3 - 10am, speaking about "Our Changing Climate: Applying Regtech to Green Finance" and on Nov 5 - 4.15 pm - "Regtech for Financial Institutions: The Way Forward" (recorded).

About the speakers

Chye Kit Chionh, Co-Founder, Cynopsis Solutions

Cynopsis Solutions is an award-winning end-to-end RegTech solution provider headquartered in Singapore with offices in United Kingdom, United States, Abu Dhabi, Vietnam and Taiwan. Under Chye Kit's leadership, Cynopsis Solutions is named as a Top 10 Fastest Growing Company in Singapore 2020 by The Straits Times and Top 50 High Growth Company in Asia Pacific 2020 by The Financial Times.

He has more than 20 years of financial and capital markets experience in Asia, gained largely from working in Macquarie Group and ING Bank. He started his career in an external audit role with PwC specialising in audit of financial services clients. Prior to his entrepreneurship in 2014, Chye Kit spent more than a decade with Macquarie Group as Managing Director and Regional Head of Compliance, Asia. He received a number of accolades including the much coveted MAS FinTech Awards 2018 and was named as a Top 10 FinTech Leader in Singapore 2019 by Singapore FinTech Association (SFA).

To create a robust RegTech ecosystem in Singapore, Chye Kit currently serves as the Chairman of SFA RegTech Sub-Committee. He is also a founding member of APAC RegTech Network where he works with other like-minded RegTech leaders in the region to promote the adoption of RegTech solutions.

Irene Lee, RegTech Lead, UBS and Board Member, FinTech Association of Hong Kong


Irene brings a wealth of expertise and leads in various areas such as regulatory technology, private wealth management, product compliance, family office compliance and regulatory change governance. She is a talented and seasoned executive with over 13 years of extensive experience in financial sectors. Irene has spearheaded compliance efforts in the bank’s digitalization and regtech initiatives. Her primary interests lie in the application of regtech solutions in the Greater Bay Area to aid compliance monitoring and data analytics.

Philip Kam, General Manager for Institute Development of the Hong Kong Institute of Bankers (HKIB)


Mr Philip Kam was appointed General Manager for Institute Development of the Hong Kong Institute of Bankers (HKIB) in October 2018.  He leads the marketing, events/initiatives, finance, operations, IT and admin functions of the HKIB in promoting talent development in the banking industry in HK and the greater China region.

Prior to joining the HKIB, he served as Managing Director, Chief Operating Officer for HSBC Global Banking ASP from August 2002 to September 2017. He was responsible for helping the business manage its risk and governance over 18 countries across Asia Pacific. At HSBC, Mr Kam had also been supporting the Capital Markets and Global Markets (primary and secondary markets) product lines, within the Global Banking and Markets business.  He was designated a Climate Champion and Sustainability Leader for HSBC.

With over 25 years in corporate and investment banking, in North America and Asia, Mr Kam brings a wealth of business management experience and product knowledge to the table.

Mr Kam holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Toronto and is a Chartered Accountant (Hons) from the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants. 

James O'Callaghan, Partner, KPMG Advisory (Hong Kong) Limited


James brings over 22 years experience in advisory and consulting services and leads the KPMG Hong Kong technology consulting business. He has worked across sectors and has led numerous projects including business transformation (sourcing strategy, operating model design and implementation) IT transformation, business review and process enhancements, governance and benchmarking, the construction of outsourcing deals and performance improvement programmes across ASPAC and Europe. James has significant experience in the Financial Services industry, Telcos, media and communication and the public sector.

About LITE Lab@HKU

HKU Faculty of Law
Lite Lab Website

Law, Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship Lab (LITE Lab@HKU) is an interdisciplinary and experiential programme led by the University of Hong Kong’s Faculty of Law under the leadership of founding executive director Brian Tang.
LITE Lab@HKU prepares our future legal, compliance and risk professionals by offering undergraduate and postgraduate students of law and 5 of HKU’s 10 other faculties opportunities to:

(1)    learn entrepreneurship and skillsets and mindsets through interdisciplinary teams and combining their domain expertise to create solutions using technology tools (such as automation, video, and data analysis) for LITE Lab’s website to benefit under-resourced organisations;

(2)    engage with and support Hong Kong’s tech startup and innovation ecosystem in conjunction with partners such as Cyberport, HKSTP and iDendron through co-designed legal, regulatory and policy research and internships (more than 90 to date), often involving emerging technologies, business models and the law; and

(3)    co-design impactful proof-of-concept lawtech and regtech solutions with legal & compliance departments, social entrepreneurs and NGOs. Our students have co-created internationally awarded  access-to-justice tech projects as well as legal automation solutions with teams from HSBC, FedEx Express and Goodman in our LITE Lab@HKU Lawtech & Regtech Sandbox that has been nominated as finalists of the ongoing FT Innovative Lawyer’s Collaborative Innovation Award and World Commerce & Contracting Innovation & Excellence Award.

LITE Lab@HKU faculty also engages in scholarly research in areas such as AI governance (eg, Wiley’s The AI Book, The Legaltech Book The Regtech Book and The Fintech Book) as well as innovation and technology industry studies with organisations such as the Association of Corporate Counsel, the Asia Pacific Legal Innovation and Technology Association (ALITA) and the Fintech Association of Hong Kong.

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